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PwnEm Con 2012 is now over and we hope that everyone had a good time. We would like to thank our attendees and staff for their contributions to making it a great event. Suggestions are always welcomed so feel free to use our contact form if you have some ideas for making the next event even better. Click HERE to see media from the event.

Again, thanks for your support.


First time hearing about PwnEm Con? It’s essentially a social video game gathering for gamers of various skill levels and ages. Our objective is to provide a fun event for gamers who enjoy modern and/or classic gaming. Our game library also includes several multiplayer games to ensure social interaction. Short and easy to play board games will be available as well for those who wish to take a break from electronic gaming. This year it’s going to take place in northern New Jersey which should be accessible through public transportation if you have access to the NJ Transit.

Gaming at PwnEm Con!

When? November 17, 2012
From 2 PM (EST) to 6:30 PM (EST)
Where? Schuetzen Park (Lorelei Room)
3167 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, North Bergen, NJ 07047 (click HERE for directions).

For information on the agenda, please check the Entertainment section.